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Bear Pride (PBIS)

At Cupertino Middle School, we believe that the social and emotional well-being of students is essential to successful learning.  Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is an approach to supporting student success in school.  PBIS is a nationally recognized program with a systematic approach to promoting and encouraging positive behavior.  It's based on principles of applied behavior analysis as well as the prevention approach and values of positive behavior support. 

Research shows that acknowledging students through positive recognition is an effective method of learning appropriate behaviors.  By stating rules positively, expectations are clear and students understand how to respond appropriately to each situation that may arise in the school environment.This is done by establishing consistent school wide expectations and recognizing and rewarding students who meet them.   Visit the PBIS website for more information.

Our effort cohesively unites all educational partners in using 1) a common language, 2) common practices, 3) a consistent application of positive reinforcements, and 4) a continuum of interventions and supports to address behaviors ranging from minor to major.





  • Keep hands and body to self
  • Walk with purpose
  • Be kind and compassionate
  • Use appropriate voice levels, words, and actions
  • Eat in designated areas
  • Follow posted and verbal directions
  • Use proper routes to and from 
  • Dispose of all trash items properly
  • Keep personal devices and belongings in backpacks during the school day
  • Report behaviors and conditions to adults when needed
  • Give privacy to others
  • Wash hands with soap
  • Keep bathrooms clean
  • One person at a time at the help counter
  • Watch out for doors opening and student traffic flow
  • Greet staff politely
  • Wait patiently for each person’s turn without interrupting
  • Keep calm and communicate clearly
  • Take care of office concerns at the appropriate time
  • Patiently stand in line
  • Wait your turn
  • Take only what you plan to eat
  • Take only one entree item
  • Place unwanted food items in the share bin
Field & Blacktop
  • Stay within the boundaries
  • Check on injured students and get help when needed
  • Keep field and blacktop areas food/trash free
  • Share space and equipment
Locker Room
  • Keep personal belongings out of walkways
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Be mindful of others and space
  • Put away equipment
  • Return found and lost items
  • Walk into library space
  • Ask for help to reach books
  • Keep voices low
  • Push in your chair when you leave
  • Return checked out materials in a timely manner
CUSD Technology & Cyberspace
  • Only communicate with those you know
  • Log out of shared devices
  • Share only school related and/or school appropriate material
  • Stay on task
  • Use school devices for school purposes only
  • Have a fully charged school device for the day
Bike Cage
  • Dismount and walk your bike in and out of the cage
  • Obey traffic rules, such as wearing a helmet
  • Walk bikes on sidewalks when approaching and leaving school campus
  • Wait for your turn to enter and exit
  • Lock your bike securely in an appropriate space
  • Remove your bike daily