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My name is Mrs. Robyn Erskine and I am the CMS School Library Media Clerk (aka: Librarian).  I have been the librarian here since January of 2017 and absolutely LOVE my job!  I love to read!  As soon as I finish a book, I open another one.  It is wonderful to be able to share this love with students and help them find and nurture their own joy in reading.
CMS Library Hours: 9:30am - 3pm Monday - Friday
The library will be closed daily before and after school.
Book Check-Out Policy: Please have your student ID card with you and ready to be scanned when entering the library and checking out books.
CMS Library Reading Raffle: Beginning in September, the CMS Library will host a monthly reading contest. Contest rules and details:
  • When you’ve completed a book, ebook or audio book, come see Mrs. Erskine in the library for a raffle ticket.
  • Winning raffle ticket numbers will be displayed in the library the first Monday of the following month. 
  • Winners will have the week to claim their prize.
  • The contest will run through April 30, 2024.
Bear Pride Expectations in the Library
Be Safe:
  • Keep backpacks out of walkways (i.e. under tables).
  • Walk at all times.
  • Push in chairs before leaving the library.
Be Respectful:
  • Keep conversations at a whisper.
  • Return borrowed materials when done.
  • Keep food and drink in backpacks.  Food and drink should be consumed outside.
Be Responsible:
  • Use technology for school purposes.
  • Keep phones and bluetooth earbuds turned off and put away.
  • Throw away all trash before exiting the library.

Tutorials for the Library

Researcher by Alexandria

This slide show gives detailed, step-by-step instructions on using Researcher by Alexandria, which is the online catalog of books in the CMS library as well as ebooks available to CMS students.


Sora is the library of ebooks and audio books